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Lysa Comfort

Heathy Nails Collaborative 
Global Education Ambassador

We are thrilled to introduce Lysa Comfort as the Global Education Ambassador for the Healthy Nails Collaborative. Lysa has dedicated her career to promoting nail safety and advocating for healthy nail practices worldwide. Her expertise and passion for nail care make her an invaluable asset to our collaborative efforts.


Lysa brings extensive knowledge and experience in the field of nail safety. With her background as a licensed nail technician and educator, she has trained and mentored countless professionals in the industry. Lysa's commitment to maintaining high standards of nail care aligns perfectly with the goals of the Healthy Nails Collaborative.


As the Global Education Ambassador, Lysa will play a vital role in spreading awareness about nail safety nail practices on a global scale. She will collaborate with professionals, organizations, and individuals to develop educational resources, workshops, and campaigns aimed at promoting nail safety and hygiene.


Lysa's expertise will be instrumental in reaching out to diverse communities and demographics, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, has access to valuable information and resources on nail safety. Her dedication to inclusivity and her ability to connect with people from all walks of life will help us achieve our mission of promoting nail safety worldwide.


We are confident that Lysa appointment as Global Education Ambassador will propel the Healthy Nails Collaborative towards greater success in raising awareness and prioritizing nail safety. Together, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals by providing them with the knowledge and tools to maintain safe and beautiful nails.


Please join us in welcoming Lysa Comfort as the Global Education Ambassador for the Healthy Nails Collaborative. Together, let's make nail safety a priority for everyone, everywhere.

About Lysa

A Nail Industry Trailblazer


Lysa's journey in the world of nails began back in 1987, where she embarked on a path that would forever shape her career. With an unwavering passion for electric filing, she launched her own  company which later merged with Easy Flow, solidifying her expertise in this field. Her dedication and knowledge led her to become an esteemed educator for the Association of Electric File Manufacturers.


Not content with just being a trailblazer in education, Lysa also ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing Carisma Nail Innovations—a line of professional nail products that has garnered widespread recognition within the industry. Her commitment to excellence propelled her further as she became a master global nail educator and founder as well as Director of INJA International Nail Judge Association.


One cannot overlook Lysa's groundbreaking achievements beyond education and entrepreneurship. She is also renowned as the creator/producer of America's first competition-related reality television show called "Nailed It." This visionary project showcased her unparalleled commitment to pushing boundaries within our industry.


Lysa's contributions extend far beyond these accomplishments; they are deeply rooted in bettering the nail industry itself. Her tireless efforts have earned her global recognition as a nail instructor since 1984 when she first discovered her love for creating beautiful nails from scratch—starting right from her bedroom! From there, she pursued formal education and obtained a license as a nail professional by 1987.


In 1995, during the Pink & White Acrylic revolution, Lysa identified a need for an innovative tool that was yet to exist in the nail industry. With her friend Bruce Atwood, she invented the French Fill Diamond bit, which revolutionized the creation of perfect smile line refills. The overwhelming response and demand for education on its usage propelled Lysa into teaching, leading to the establishment of Comfort Concepts.


Her expertise caught the attention of industry giants like EZ Flow Nail Systems, who provided her with global teaching opportunities across Europe and Asia. Under their guidance and training from world champions such as Tom Holcomb and Danny Haile, Lysa gained invaluable skills that eventually gave her the confidence to launch her own brand.


In 2006, after a decade of teaching, Lysa took a leap of faith by launching Charisma Nail Innovations—a testament to her unwavering dedication to innovation within our field. As Co-founder and President of this remarkable company, she has continued to make waves in the nail industry.

Lysa's influence extends even further as she holds prestigious positions such as President and Head Judge at The Nailympion International (formerly known as Nailympics) while also serving as Founder/CEO of The International Nail Judges Association (INJA). Her visionary mindset led her to create America's first competition-related reality television show named "Nail'd It," captivating audiences worldwide.


Collaborating with some of the brightest minds in our industry has allowed Lysa to assemble an extraordinary team that consistently delivers success across all projects. Her educational events attract aspiring nail artists seeking growth in their careers while mentoring countless champions along their journey.

....And now Lysa is ready for her next step of her nail journey leading the way for global education with The Healthy Nails Collaborative.

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