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"Arch Rivals, it just hits different"
Amber The Nail Whisperer

Preferred HNC
Gel Products Brand 

We proudly endorse Arch Rival Nails as our preferred gel products brand. With a strong focus on safety, they collaborate with us to educate professionals and DIYers on safe gel product usage through our knowledge pathways. They implement our safety suggestions and have developed a generic safety label for industry-wide use.  The HNC is an independent organization promoting safe nail care practices. Our endorsement of Arch Rival Nails is based on their commitment to safety and collaboration without financial connections.

HNC/Arch Rival Safety Files


Amber, The Nail Whisperer's Favorite Arch Rival Products

Revival Powder, inspired by Amber The Nail Whisperer! Low profile strength for natural nails underneath your gel polish. ​Revival Powder is specifically manufactured to work with the Recover and Recover Plus  soak-off soft builder gel systems

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 6.58_edited.jpg

The Nail Whisperer's favorite Arch Rival product, RECOVER just got better with recover plus which bumps up Recover from a low viscosity soak-off soft builder gel to a medium viscosity builder gel, and in Flawless sheer colors. Clear recover plus is coming soon.  Use recover plus with revival powder when lots of extra strength is needed.

The nail whisperer's favorite professional LED lamp. Completely reflective on the inside 54 strong LED lights and a nice compact design.

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 6.59_edited.jpg

If you work with builder gel and you'reIf you work with builder gel and you're looking for the clearest builder gel possible!

The Nail Whisperer's favorite nail file. nail file and grit!

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 8.54_edited.jpg

All gel paints are not created equal. These are gel paints that you can just as easily paint the nails with or draw on the nail. Remember to prime your brush if you are not drawing.  These paints are also awesome because you can order a refill and is more sustainable.

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