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Burst gel polish nail removers have been a significant innovation in the nail industry, offering an alternative method of removing gel polish from the nail plate. When they were first introduced, burst removers gained popularity for their convenience and efficiency in speeding up the removal process.


These removers typically come in the form of a goey cellulose with specific chemical compositions that aid in breaking down the gel polish, making it easier to remove. It is important to note that burst removers are designed to be used safely and only on the nail plate. They are not intended for use on the skin or surrounding areas.


There has been ongoing rhetoric surrounding the safety of burst gel polish nail removers. Claims of fraudulent Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and allegations of brands using banned ingredients have raised concerns within the nail community. To address these issues, the Healthy Nails Collaborative has taken the initiative to contact the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regarding these claims.


If you want to read the letter of contact sent by the Healthy Nails Collaborative to the FDA, please click [here] to access the email.  To contact the FDA personally use the following link:


It is important to distinguish between rhetoric and truth in these discussions. At this stage, it is necessary to determine whether extensive research has been conducted on burst removers and their potential risks. Additionally, it is crucial to verify the reliability of any information or claims.


In the absence of concrete evidence to support or refute these claims, individuals are responsible for making their own informed decisions regarding their personal safety and product use. Prioritizing safety should always be a key consideration in any nail-related procedure or product application.


The Healthy Nails Collaborative urges the community to stay informed, exercise caution, and consider alternative nail polish removal methods if any doubts or concerns arise. As more information becomes available, the collaborative will continue to prioritize transparency and share updates with the community.


It is essential to promote a culture of informed decision-making and personal safety within the nail industry. We remain committed to providing the community with reliable information and fostering a supportive environment for nail professionals and enthusiasts.

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