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If you're interested in getting involved with the Healthy Nails Collaborative, here are a few steps you can take:


•Research: Start by learning more about the HNC and its mission. Find out what initiatives we are currently working on below and how they align with your interests and skills.


•Reach out: Contact the Healthy us to express your interest in getting involved. You will find the application on the volunteer tab at the top right of the page. 



🌍 Explore the Global Network: Witness the Latest HNC Members Embarking on Knowledge Pathways! 🗺️

Become A Global HNC Lead
For Your Country

A Healthy Nails Collaborative Global Lead is an individual who takes on a leadership role in their country to support and organize the Healthy Nails Collaborative initiative. A Global Lead,  plays a vital role in ensuring that the nail industry concerns and needs within their country are addressed effectively.


The primary responsibility of a Global Lead is to foster collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders within the nail industry, including professionals, educators, manufacturers, and regulatory bodies. By bringing these key players together, you can create a platform for open dialogue and knowledge sharing to promote healthy practices and address any challenges or issues faced by the industry.


A Global Lead acts as an ambassador for the Healthy Nails Collaborative in their country. This involves actively promoting its mission of fostering safe and healthy practices within the nail industry through education, advocacy, and resource development. They work closely with other Global Leads from different countries to exchange best practices, share insights, and collectively contribute to global initiatives aimed at improving overall standards in the nail industry.


The role also includes organizing events such as workshops or seminars where professionals can enhance their skills while learning about new techniques or products that prioritize health-conscious approaches. 


By becoming a Global Lead for your country's Healthy Nails Collaborative chapter, you have an opportunity to make a significant impact on the nail industry's well-being locally while contributing to global efforts towards healthier practices worldwide. Your dedication will help create positive change by fostering collaboration among stakeholders and ensuring that concerns are addressed promptly so that everyone involved can thrive in this dynamic field.

Shanlee,  HNC South African Lead.  

A qualified Human Resource Manager, embarked on a nail journey by providing services to family members. His involvement expanded when he assisted at his sister's hair salon, focusing on nails. Since 2018, Shanlee has been practicing as a nail technician with a specialization in gel applications. He developed an interest in the chemistry of nail products after experiencing an allergic reaction to acrylics. Now equipped with gloves for protection, Shanlee shares his knowledge and safety tips with fellow technicians to promote precision and well-being for both clients and professionals alike.

3rd Annual
Nail Product Safety Awareness Month
November 2024

Make Beauty Brands More Transparent in Ingredients, Instructions and Hazzards.  Click on the title above, which will take you to and sign the petition to show Congress how many of us want more transparency in the beauty industry. We need to let them know how important it is, that companies being more transparent in the dangers of using nail products and increase regulation in the beauty industry, overall.

Help us celebrate the Healthy Nails, Collaborative 3rd Annual Nail Product Safety Awareness Month (NPSA).  Make a video explaining all the things you have learned in the past year about nail product safety and anything you'd like to share and submit to

Are you passionate about nail safety and nail education, join us at the Healthy Nails Collaborative and make a difference in people's lives! We are a global community-driven initiative committed to providing educational resources, support, and access to quality nail care for all. By volunteering with us, you'll have the opportunity to contribute your unique skills, ideas, and enthusiasm towards creating a positive impact. Together, we can foster a culture of safety, and informed decision-making for everyone in the nail industry, and beyond. Click the button below to join the Healthy Nails Collaborative and be part of this incredible journey!

Take action today and join the movement to promote safer nail products! Encourage brands to prioritize consumer safety by implementing clear and informative labels on all packaging. These labels should include a warning or cautionary message, along with a scannable address to access more detailed information.


Imagine a world where every box of nail products comes with a label that educates users about the potential hazards associated with their ingredients. Such labels would clearly state that gels, dip liquids, acrylic, monomers, and adhesives contain hazardous chemicals that can lead to severe skin irritation, contact dermatitis, and even allergies if not used or cured correctly.


To support this cause, visit and watch their free product safety video. By spreading awareness and advocating for transparent labeling, we can empower consumers to make informed choices about the products they use on their nails. Together, let's create a safer nail industry for everyone.

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