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Brand Engagement Standards

Elevating Safety Standards: Why Healthy Nails Collaborative Sets the Bar High

At the Healthy Nails Collaborative, we are deeply committed to public awareness and safety within the nail industry. We understand the importance of setting high standards to ensure transparency, credibility, and responsible communication. In this blog post, we will delve into why our standards are so stringent and how they contribute to a safer nail care experience for everyone involved.

1. Protecting Health and Well-being:

We firmly believe that everyone deserves a safe nail care experience. By setting rigorous standards, we ensure that recommended or endorsed products meet strict criteria for safety, minimizing potential risks associated with harmful chemicals or improper usage.

2. Industry Leadership:

As advocates for public awareness and safety, we take pride in being at the forefront of promoting responsible practices within the nail industry. Our high standards serve as a benchmark for others to follow, encouraging positive change across the board.

3. Transparency and Accountability:

By demanding transparency from brands regarding product ingredients, testing procedures, and safety data sheets (SDS), we empower consumers with essential information needed to make informed choices about their nail care products.

4. Evidence-Based Decision Making:

Our commitment to evidence-based practices ensures that any claims made about recommended products are supported by scientific research and reliable data. This approach fosters trust between consumers and brands while promoting accurate information dissemination.

5. Mitigating Potential Hazards:

Thorough product testing is a cornerstone of our stringent standards. By reviewing nail products brand evaluations, including efficacy assessments and performance tests they have performed, we minimize potential hazards associated with subpar or unsafe formulations.

6.Transparency on Ingredients:

We advocate for ingredient transparency within the industry by encouraging brands to clearly disclose whether their products are "10-free" current chemicals or just free from certain ingredients that have been phased out over time years ago.

7.Collaborative Education Efforts:

Through educational initiatives led by experts in our network, such as chemists and gel pro advisors, we ensure that the information shared within the Healthy Nails Collaborative is credible and accurate. This validation process guarantees that our members receive reliable guidance on safe practices.

8. Avoiding Financial Gain:

At the Healthy Nails Collaborative, we prioritize public service over financial gain. Our mission is not driven by brand deals, advertising, or monetary benefits. Instead, we are dedicated to creating a safe and transparent nail industry that serves the public's best interests.

9. Accountability in the Nail Industry:

We firmly believe that there must be accountability within the nail industry as a whole. By setting stringent standards for recommended products, endorsing evidence-based claims, demanding ingredient transparency, and advocating for proper testing procedures, we strive to create an environment where accountability becomes an integral part of everyday practices.

By maintaining these elevated standards for public safety while prioritizing public service over financial gain and promoting accountability within the nail industry at large, the Healthy Nails Collaborative aims to foster a culture of trust, transparency, and responsible nail care practices. Together with our members and partners who share this vision of accountability in the nail industry, we can drive positive change while ensuring that everyone has access to safe products and reliable information.

Our Brand Engagement Standards are as follows:

Standards for the Healthy Nails Collaborative to recommend or endorse nail products:

1. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Availability: SDS sheets are easily accessible online to the general public, ensuring transparency and awareness of potential hazards.

2. Clear Safety Precautions: Products have clear labels indicating safety precautions such as avoiding contact with skin and wearing gloves during use.

3. Substantiated Claims: Any claims made about the product must be supported by research and scientific evidence to ensure accuracy and transparency.

4. Product Testing Evidence: Nail products must undergo thorough testing to provide evidence of their safety, efficacy, and performance.

5. Avoid Misleading Claims: Products must not falsely claim to be safe, healthy, hypoallergenic, nontoxic, or plant-based etc.

6. Transparency on Ingredients: Must be transparent about their products being "10-free" of ingredients that haven’t been used for years, but make it sound like they are still being used elsewhere.

7. Avoid False Marketing and Dangerous Education: No false marketing practices or providing dangerous or misleading education regarding product application or usage.

8. Reference the Healthy Nails Collaborative: Encourage customers to the Healthy Nails Collaborative for comprehensive safety knowledge and information.

9. Use Healthy Nails Collaborative Warning Label: All packages shipped must prominently display the Healthy Nails Collaborative warning label, sign posting the customer for further safety information.

10. Compliance with Modernization of Cosmetics Act 2022: ALL products and practices align with the guidelines outlined in the Modernization of Cosmetics Act 2022, which comes into effect on midnight, December 29, 2023.

11. Marketing Language: Use qualifying language such as "may help" or "can contribute to" when making claims about the product. This indicates that the results may vary and are not guaranteed for everyone.

12. Validation: All new information shared within the Healthy Nails Collaborative will be validated by our chemist and gel pro advisor. This validation process ensures the credibility and accuracy of the information provided.

By insisting on these standards, the Healthy Nails Collaborative can further enhance transparency, credibility, and responsible communication for the public within the nail industry.

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