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South Africa HNC

Welcome to the South African page of the Healthy Nails Collaborative! Led by Shanlee, we are excited to present this growing work in progress. We look forward to collaborating with nail techs and Home DIYers in South Africa as we strive to promote healthy nails and build a vibrant nail care community. Join us on this exciting journey of sharing knowledge and creating positive change in the world of nail care in South Africa!

SA HNC Lead:  Shanlee

Certified Knowledge Pathways


Welcome to Knowledge Pathways for South Africa! Here, we offer in-depth exploration of nail products, safety measures, and best practices to provide a comprehensive understanding of the nail industry. Our aim is to equip individuals in South Africa with the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure safe nail practices. Whether you're a professional nail technician or simply interested in home nail care, our resources will guide you towards a clear understanding of all aspects of the nail industry. Join us on this educational journey to enhance your nail knowledge and promote safe practices within the South African nail community! CLICK HERE FOR KNOWLEDGE PATHWAYS



Help shape the nail industry in South Africa! Share your thoughts and concerns with us through this form. Your feedback guides us in addressing industry challenges and catering our resources. Let's create a more responsive and informed nail industry together. Make a positive impact by sharing your input today!

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South African Nail Industry

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HNC Global Goals


Foster Support:

The HNC strives to build a strong foundation of support for individuals at all levels of the nail industry in South Africa, whether they are Home DIY enthusiasts, educated nail technicians, or anywhere in between.


Encourage Collaboration:

Collaboration is at the heart of our mission. We emphasize the importance of sharing knowledge, experiences, and ideas amongst community members to collectively elevate the entire nail industry in South Africa.


Promote Inclusivity:

We prioritize creating an inclusive space where everyone's choices, be it product preferences or skill levels, are respected and celebrated. We believe in the power of diversity and value each individual's unique journey.



We aim to inspire and empower individuals within the nail industry, continuously motivating them to reach new heights. By supporting and lifting one another up, we create an environment where everyone can thrive and shine.

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