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Primer Strength Comparison


Acid Primers:

- Acid primers, have the ultimate strong bond and should not be used under gel polish or applied directly to the nail tip unless directed by the manufacturer.

- Acid primers are typically used for enhancing adhesion with traditional acrylic and hard gel systems.


UV Primers:

- UV primers offer a superior bond due to their photochemical reaction and association with UV curing gels.

- They provide maximum strength and longevity to gel nail enhancements.

- When properly applied, UV primers create a secure and durable bond that can withstand daily activities


Non-Acid Primers:

- Non-acid primers can provide a stable and durable bond for most nail enhancement applications.

- They offer sufficient strength and longevity to meet the needs of clients with regular nail care routines.

- Non-acid primers maintain adhesion without the use of harsh chemicals, making them suitable for a wider range of clients.

Learn lots more about primers and dehydrators in our knowledge pathway.

Cruelty-Free Animal Testing and Child Labor in the Nail Industry

In a proactive effort to work towards a more ethical and transparent beauty industry, the Healthy Nails Collaborative has reached out to Ethical Elephant to initiate a collaboration focused on shedding light on critical issues such as cruelty-free animal testing and child labor in the mica mining industry.


This article explores the motivations behind the collaboration, delves into the astonishing fact that cruelty-free labels can be easily obtained, and hopefully will answer questions about the efficacy of PETA's investigations into brand claims and global animal testing regulations.  read more




Unveiling the Truth: Burst Gel Polish Nail Removers 


Burst gel polish nail removers - Discover the hidden claims, alleged fraud, and banned ingredients. The Healthy Nails Collaborative has contacted the FDA to shed light on these claims. Read the letter we sent to the FDA and explore this topic further. read more


Welcome to the 5th episode of the Podcast Collaboration Station for the

Healthy Nails Collaborative!


'Nailed It or Failed It,' a new series on the Collaboration Station Podcast by the Healthy Nails Collaborative. Follow @Amberthenailwhisperer as she explores different nail products and techniques, attempting to master them. Experience her journey as she shares her successes and failures, along with her honest thoughts on the products she tests. Join us for an insightful and entertaining series that showcases The Nail Whisperer's passion for nail art experimentation."

Wet op Modernisering van Kosmetiese Regulasies 2022 word op 29 Desember 2023 van krag
om middernag

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Ons bied 'n wye reeks kennispaaie wat aangepas is vir verskeie individue soos opvoeders, skeppers, beïnvloeders, nael-entoesiaste, tuisnaeltegnici, sowel as aspirant en ervare naeltegnici. Ons paaie is ontwerp om jou te voorsien van die nuutste en mees relevante inligting in die naelbedryf.


Ons streef daarna om voortdurend ons kennispaaie by te werk en uit te brei om te verseker dat jy toegang het tot die mees onlangse en omvattende hulpbronne. Soos ons terugvoer en voorstelle van ons gemeenskap ontvang, sal ons aktief nuwe paaie inkorporeer op grond van hul belangstellings en behoeftes.


Tans dui die onderstreepte paaie hierbo die een aan wat geredelik beskikbaar is vir jou om te verken en by baat te vind. Neem egter asseblief kennis dat ons byna daagliks voortdurend nuwe paaie bekendstel om te verseker dat jy 'n diverse en voortdurend ontwikkelende leerervaring het.


Of jy nou leiding soek as 'n beginner, jou bestaande vaardighede wil verbeter, of bloot op hoogte van die nuutste neigings wil bly, ons kennispaaie is hier om jou te ondersteun en te bemagtig op jou naelreis.


Available NOW!


Exciting Announcement: Safety Files - Exclusive Gel Polish Line Collaboration!


Get ready for a dazzling surprise! The Healthy Nails Collaborative and Arch Rival Nails have joined forces to create Safety Files, an extraordinary gel polish line exclusively for our amazing community. Become a paid subscriber, hold a current subscription, or make a donation of $25 or more to receive these mesmerizing colors as a free gift. Be enchanted by the first shade, Safety Files S01 Oligomer Dance Off, a captivating pearlized Periwinkle sheen. We extend our gratitude to Arch Rival Nails for their support in educating and collaborating with us. Stay tuned for more updates on this exceptional collection designed exclusively for you, our dedicated supporters. Celebrate this momentous collaboration as we shape the future of safety in the nail industry. read more


Unleash your inner nail rebel and join the Healthy Nails Collaborative's Nailvolution!

Experience a nail industry like never before, one that prioritizes safety, transparency, and standardized education.

Discover a community where empowerment and support reign supreme.

Say goodbye to outdated norms and hello to positive change.

Let's challenge the status quo, because in this Nailvolution, people always come first.

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and be a part of the revolution that's transforming the world of nails!

Rapporteer jou nadelige reaksie op spykerprodukte by die FDA

Terwyl die FDA aanbeveel dat verantwoordelike persone in die industrie ernstige nadelige gebeurtenisverslae vir skoonheidsmiddels indien deur die vorm 3500A te gebruik wat hieronder gekoppel is,   die gesonde, naels, samewerkende, dring daarop aan, enigiemand wat aan enige nadelige reaksie op spykerprodukte ly om hul eie vorm in te vul en dit self direk aan die FDA te stuur.


Die voltooide vorm saam met inligting om die verslag te ondersteun, soos skanderings van etikette en beelde van die ernstige nadelige gebeurtenis aan FDA per e-pos by: of per pos aan:  FDA CDER-possentrum, White Oak-kampus, gebou 22, G0207, 10903 New Hampshire Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20993


Die goeie nuus is dat die FDA 'n proses ontwikkel vir die indiening van elektroniese verpligte verslae oor nadelige gebeurtenisse vir skoonheidsmiddels.

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