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Nail Allergies & Infections

Nail Allergies 

If you suspect a nail allergy or allergic reaction to nail products:


1. Check your SDS sheet for exposure directions.  If one is not available WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY WITH   SOAP AND WATER.

2. Seek medical advice

3. Remove the product IMMEDIATELY

4. Ice helps the swelling and itching. 


No other advice should be followed!  None! Unless from medical staff.


You will need an allergy test before trying any other products, PERIOD! 


Before this happens to you, go Healthy Nails Collaborative Knowledge Pathways and read more about nail allergies 

Nail Infections

If you suspect a nail infection

from a salon or anywhere:


If you suspect an infection from a nail salon or any other place, it is important to take immediate action to address the issue and protect your health. 


1. Seek Medical Attention: If there are signs of infection such as redness, swelling, pain, itching, hives, rash, spreading rash, discharge around the affected area, it is crucial to seek medical attention promptly. A healthcare professional can properly diagnose and treat the infection.


2. Document Symptoms: It is essential to document any symptoms experienced as a result of the suspected infection. This includes taking photographs of visible signs like redness or swelling and keeping a record of dates and times when symptoms appeared or worsened.


3. Contact the Nail Salon: Reach out to the nail salon where you suspect the infection occurred and inform them about your concerns. Provide details about your visit, including date, time, services received,and any specific issues noticed during your appointment.


4. Report Adverse Events: In addition to contacting the nail salon directly,it is important to report adverse events related to infections from nail salons or cosmetology services to relevant authorities such as state or local cosmetology boards or regulators. These agencies oversee licensing and regulation within the industry and can investigate complaints for potential violations.


5. Gather Evidence: Collect any evidence that supports your claim of an infection caused by improper practices at the salon.This may include photographs of unsanitary conditions observed during your visit,such as dirty tools or improperly cleaned surfaces.

Rapporteer jou nadelige reaksie op spykerprodukte by die FDA

Terwyl die FDA aanbeveel dat verantwoordelike persone in die industrie ernstige nadelige gebeurtenisverslae vir skoonheidsmiddels indien deur die vorm 3500A te gebruik wat hieronder gekoppel is,   die gesonde, naels, samewerkende, dring daarop aan, enigiemand wat aan enige nadelige reaksie op spykerprodukte ly om hul eie vorm in te vul en dit self direk aan die FDA te stuur.


Die voltooide vorm saam met inligting om die verslag te ondersteun, soos skanderings van etikette en beelde van die ernstige nadelige gebeurtenis aan FDA per e-pos by: of per pos aan:  FDA CDER-possentrum, White Oak-kampus, gebou 22, G0207, 10903 New Hampshire Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20993


Die goeie nuus is dat die FDA 'n proses ontwikkel vir die indiening van elektroniese verpligte verslae oor nadelige gebeurtenisse vir skoonheidsmiddels.

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