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Join the Healthy Nails Collaborative's nail revolution, the "Nailvolution"! We are committed to challenging the status quo and prioritizing safety, transparency, and standardized education within the nail industry. Our mission is clear: putting people before money.


In this Nailvolution, we aim to create a community where everyone feels empowered and supported. We believe that safety should always come first – from product ingredients to salon practices. By advocating for transparency, we strive to ensure that consumers have access to accurate information about the products they use and the services they receive.


Moreover, standardized education is crucial in establishing a strong foundation for aspiring nail technicians. We believe in equipping them with comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for their success while promoting professionalism within the industry.


We invite you to join us on this journey of transformation as we work towards a healthier, safer, and more inclusive nail industry. Together, we can make a difference by challenging outdated norms and embracing positive change.


Let's stand united in our commitment to prioritize people over profits. Join us in shaping a Nailvolution that values integrity, education,and well-being above all else!


Together we can revolutionize the world of nails!

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